Licenses and permits that may be required to sell your products at  farmers market.
Washington State Business License and UBI #
Spokane Regional Health Dist. Food Handlers Permit
Spokane Regional Health Dist. Multi Temp food event permit
Spokane Regional Health Dist. Temp food event permit
Registered Scale, Identified on the Master Business License
WSDA Food Processor License
WSDA Nursery Dealer Designation on Master Business License
WSDA Organic Certificate
WSDA Honey Bee Hive Registration
WSDA Poultry Processing License
WSDA Egg Handler Dealer Designation on Master Business License
WSDA Milk Producers License
WSDA Milk Processors License
WSLCB Liquor License Farmers Market Endorsement


Regulations and Fees :

1. Vendors: must grow, produce or wild craft all products sold at the market: Farm products must be grown by the vendor on a farm/ranch owned or managed by the seller. Principal farmers/rancher's and producers may send family members, partners or employees to the market in their place, but are responsible for having their designated person be aware of the rules and regulations of the market. Products from U-pick operations, warehouses, gleaning etc. are not allowed. Wild crafted (wild harvested) products, such as huckleberries and mushrooms are allowed. Crafts must be manufactured by the seller with their own hands. Commercial, second hand, or imported items are not allowed. A vendor may represent only one operation (No booth sharing).

2. Market time: is from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm .Set up begins no sooner than 7:00 am. Vendors must be in place and vehicles must be out of the market area by 8:45 am. Tear down starts no earlier than 1:00 pm. No vehicles allowed in market area until 1:09 pm. If the vendor sells out before the end of the market day, the vendor booth must stay intact until 1:00 pm.  

3. Pricing of Goods: Pricing of goods is up to the vendor but pricing below cost, resulting in the undercutting of other vendors is not allowed. Pricing complaints or questions will be subject to board review. All vendors must accurately report daily sales on provided forms.

4. Space: This fee entitles vendor to a 10’x10’ space. Vendor space shall be identified with a sign bearing the farm or vendor’s name. Space's shall be kept clean and orderly during market times and shall be cleaned prior to vacating the market. All vendors who erect canopies (including umbrellas) must secure them with at least 20 lbs. of weight on each leg of the canopy or umbrella.Space's are assigned by the market manager weekly. The same space's each market day is not guaranteed. Please see the vendor set up map that is send out each week by e-mail.

5. Conduct and Safety: Vendors and their representatives shall conduct themselves in a safe, courteous, and harmonious manner with customers and other vendors. Customers, who have legitimate complaints about the quality of the product, should be given a full refund or replacement by the vendor if requested. No vendor’s pets will be allowed in the vendor’s selling area. The market is not a forum for political or religious activities. Vendors need to keep a watchful eye on their children at all times. The market can take no responsibility for the safety or whereabouts of a vendor’s children. In case of bad weather on site manager will confirm with broad members to cancel market. Vendors must comply with all regulations regarding any employment of minors. Any vendor problems, questions or conflicts shall be referred to the on-site manager for resolution.

6. Vendor Approval Process: The governing board of the Market will meet after application deadline to approve vendor applications. Vendors will be approved based on the market rules and goals, and by Washington State Farmers Market Association Guidelines. We are required to maintain a majority of Market gross sales from farm products, which may mean limiting the number of craft and other non-farm vendors.

7. Compliance: The vendor is responsible for compliance with all applicable regulations governing the growing, production and marketing of their goods. Permits and license must be available at the vendors space for inspection at any time. Any vendor labeling product as “Certified Organic” must prominently display their state certification certificate. Other third party certifications must also be be displayed.


FULL SEASON: 22 Sat.'s 

For the entire season: one 10’x 10’ one space = $310.00.

Two 10’x 10’ space's = $620.00

 DAY VENDOR: The fee is $30.00 per day,  one  10’x 10’ space.  

HALF SEASON VENDOR  11 Sat.'s :  one 10’x 10’ space = $156.00 two 10’x 10’ space's = $312.00  

Fees are not to be paid until approval into market.

Receipt of money prior to approval will not be a guarantee of admittance to market.