Jim Frank

Jim Frank

Susan parker

Susan parker

The Liberty Lake Farmers Market was founded in 2002 by brother and sister Jim Frank and Susan Parker.

With the help of a handful of volunteers and some dedicated farmers ... Eight vendors began selling their goods in the parking lot of the Liberty Square building.

Today, the Liberty lake Farmers Market averages 40 to 50 vendors each Saturday. It is full of wonderful produce, baked goods, eggs, meats, fish and specialty items from all around the Northwest. 

An Interview with Jim and Susan 

Q: What first sparked the idea for a Farmers Market in Liberty Lake?

Jim: I’ve been interested in farmers markets all my life and the role they can play in improving the social fabric of a community or neighborhood. The role model for this really came from the Seattle Neighborhood Markets, particularly the University market in the U-District. These types of markets not only support local farming and access for the neighborhood to healthy, quality food but also create the opportunity to become a gathering place for the neighborhood.We wanted to create something with easy access that you could walk to, ride a bike to and so on.

Susan: When we were kids we would drive out to Greenacres and the Valley with family on Sundays to buy fresh produce. There is something special about that kind of experience. That is the kind of feeling we wanted to create for the Market.

Q: What were you hoping to accomplish that first year?

Susan: We knew it was going to be a “throw it out there and see what happens” situation. The first year we just hoped the farmers and other vendors would show up!

Jim: The first year was really about feasibility. Could we find the right location, find sufficient vendors and most importantly … how would the community respond. We were very fortunate to get a good group of core vendors at the beginning and the community responded almost immediately.