The vision for Liberty Lake Farmers Market is to connect the area community with local farmers and each other.

To continue to be successful the Market will need to grow and adapt as times change.

As we do grow, it will be slow and steady. Our goal remains to be focused on “quality” vendors that help create and sustain the unique feel of the Liberty Lake Farmers Market. We are also committed to keeping a proper balance between farm vendors and all others. First and foremost, we are a “Farmers” market.

Our hope that is that in the future the market can continue to be a catalyst for young people that want to get into the agricultural arena. We want to support and incubate those young people that want to go into farming, the raising of produce, or becoming food artisans. We want to encourage those food artisans within our community and region. This will help to provide a better range of food products available at the market and help us continue to be a source of community based activity.